Our spine rehabilitation treatments are often an integral part of a comprehensive wellness program of manual therapy and doctor prescribed therapeutic exercise and other treatments for rapid pain relief and realigning the spine and body for ideal health. Your treatment will also include helpful guidance in lifestyle changes to promote functional strength, improved coordination, safe body positions and movement.

Offering treatments for these common ailments:
·       Arthritis Pain
·       Degenerative Discs
·       Herniated Discs
·       Low Back Pain
·       Muscle Spasm
·       Piriformis Syndrome
·       Radiculopathy / Sciatica
·       Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction
·       Scoliosis
·       Spondylosis
·       Stenosis
·       Strains & Sprains
·       Plus many more 

Many common causes of back pain-

Poor lifting techniques
Improper lifting such as bending at the waist with straight legs to pick up an item, even a light-weight item, can cause immediate damage and pain from the stress on your muscles and ligaments of your back. Improper lifting also puts your discs at risk from strain. Improper lifting techniques can lead to muscle and ligament injuries as well as creating the opportunity of gaining a bulging disc or herniated disc.

Poor physical fitness
Poor physical fitness is a contributor of back pain and injuries. If muscles are allowed to get weak and unconditioned, they loose the ability to provide the task they have of supporting the spine to keep it healthy.

Poor posture and body mechanics
Deviation of normal spine curves creates stress on the spine, muscles and ligaments and disrupts the healthy spine balance.  Pain and discomfort often alert a person something is off.  The discs in your back are additionally strained and untreated can lead to more serious health concerns such as herniated or bulging discs and muscle strains.